Ed Cirimele

ed-1Ed first became interested in music after hearing the Grateful Dead play Dark Star at the age of 7 months. Wise before his months, the young Cirimele recognized early on that a solid body electric guitar was too heavy and began to gravite towards his Uncle Eddie’s Stradivarius violin. In a desperate attempt to preserve his violin uncle Eddie introduced his talented young nephew to the music of Bill Monroe and the rest is history….

Ed Cirimele is no stranger to the SF Bay area bluegrass scene. In addition to performing in numerous local bands, he has been a big supporter of the bay area bluegrass music scene for decades. He was recently nominated for ‘Best Bluegrass Mandolin in Northern California’ by the Northern California Bluegrass Society. His distinctive mandolin style is the perfect fit for the somewhat eclectic ‘Elm Street’ repertoire.

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