Over the years, okay make that decades, I have written numerous songs. For whatever reasons, only a few have been properly recorded. They can be found on the album Song of These (indicated with * below).  Here is a list of songs I’ve written that are mostly completed. If you would like to help further promulgate my songs and other music you can drop some coin in the  tip jar.

A Child’s Heart
Bronze John
Country Boy
Data Mines
Fading Rose
Golden Wave*
Jewel Real Eyes
Just Like a Dancer
Let the Tree Grow*
Let the Water Roll Down
Like a Dancer
Lookin’ Glass*
Maybe Tomorrow
My Soul Commands
Old Man Wind
One More Story
Papermill Blues
Plant Politics*
Play Your Song*
Pork Chops in the Bakery
Potomac Memories
Ramblin’ of His Mind
River Time
Seven for Nothin’
Snail Pickin’ Time*
Spend Your Time
Some Corner of My Life
Some Folks
Tell No Lies*
The Story of the Brakeman
The Great Train Robbery
Water Risin’
We will Sing
Wind that Sang
Within the Sound
Write on the Willow