Plant Politics

Well they say poll beans, don’t like kohlrabi
But that don’t mean the beans are all that snobby

’cause the onions like tomatoes
But they don’t like peas and beans
I don’t know just exactly what the whole thing means
But it makes me feel, it makes me feel so funny

Mr. Basil likes tomatoes, but he don’t like rue
Carrots like the onions peas and lettuce too

But don’t you plant the carrots
On the hill with dill
I guess we gotta say it’s just the good lord’s will
And it makes my days, it makes my days so sunny

Now the cabbage clan, likes potatoes and rosemary
But don’t you plan, to plant the cabbage with strawberries

Sometimes it’s kinda hard
To make the whole thing rhyme
But just remember cabbage likes dill, sage, and thyme
And won’t you please
Please, please send me all yo ur money

© 1989 by Herb Moore

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