Snail Pickin’ Time

It’s snail pickin time in California
Come all ye escargot I’ve got to warn ya

If you go out tonight
Watch out for my flash light
Gonna put you in a jar
Set you on the bar
Paint another notch
On the bottom of my bottle of beer

Now you might think it’s cruel the way I treat you.
But I just might cook you up and eat you.

If you burglarize my beans
Gonna be some mighty heavy scenes
Throw you on the ground
My feet’ll start to pound
And I’ll paint another notch
On the bottom of my combat boots

Well, it’s moth whackin’ time in old Nashua.
Come all ye cabbage moths I’m gonna smash you up

If you do your cabbage crimes
Come around metamorphis time
You may think you’re butterflies
But you better realize
You’re just another notch
On the handle of my tennis racket

© 1992 by Herb Moore

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